vogue runway goth disco couture

Yet Another Vogue @ Memoire Universelle, Cinema Aventure, Brussels, 15 December 2018

vogue runway goth disco couture

Yet Another Vogue @ Memoire Universelle, Cinema Aventure, Brussels, 15 December 2018

vogue runway goth disco couture

Yet Another Vogue @ Memoire Universelle, Cinema Aventure, Brussels, 15 December 2018

vogue runway goth disco couture

Yet Another Vogue @ Memoire Universelle, Cinema Aventure, Brussels, 15 December 2018


⎐ Research residency : December 2nd - December 21st ⎐
⎐ Opening: December 19th from 20:00 to 22:00 ⎐
A #
Transdisciplinairy artist Stef Meul presents a research on desire.
A # focuses on dialectical relations between intimacy, fragility, realness and fantasies of sex and success.
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Research Exhibition 2018

“So these four points can be resumed: col­lect­iv­ism again­st private prop­er­ty, poly­morph­ous work­er again­st spe­cial­iz­a­tion, con­crete uni­ver­sal­ism again­st closed iden­tit­ies, and free asso­ci­ation again­st the state.”

Mirror Phase

performative action 12 March 2018 cunst-link brussels


Stef Meul (°1983, Brussels, Belgium) makes transdisciplinary artworks.
By applying a particular and metaphorical language his works engender intuitive associations - these rarely being conclusive. Play and cause of desire are important: during the artistic process, personal perception is affected and common objects transubstantiate.Through his artwork he cares about how life extends beyond its own subjective limits.

Stef often interstices a narration on the limitation of social identities and propagates the expansion of common knowledge resources: in order to challenge the binaries we continually generate between Self and Other - between our sense of human hybridisation and radical alterity.

By taking daily life as subject matter while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of consumer class values, he’s tending with giving forms to that which unfollows logical criteria - rather to be relying on subjective associations and encountering parallels, which incite the viewer to make new personal associations.

The artworks enact the movements between the person, the thing, the subject, the object, the exceptions. By doing so, new sequences are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between the arrival of motion, sense and sound into visible and tangible materialities. By playing with the imaginary viewer to create confusion, he finds that movement reveals an inherent awkwardness, a humour that echoes our own inconsistencies.

Stef's works appear as spontaneous, common and dreamlike events in which fiction and reality meet, meanings shift, past and present fuse, future returns to l’a-venir.
Timing and diachrony play a key role.

By developing different works for each presentation and allowing the details of the work become unprecedented, Stef likes to seduce the senses of viewers and audiences, by interacting with compositions or settings that generate other situations, mixing multiple dimensions and balancing on the edge of recognition and unknown aspects of the self.

Artworks are on the one hand attractive and common, on the other hand absurd and disruptive. Again and again, there remains a mix of conflicting feelings and unresolved thoughts - to be continued by the person in question.

By researching the conceptions of movement, he tries to manifest the activity of presenting with the thing in itself - to make common connections on the bridges in between disparate worlds. The character, shape or content of the presented artwork is secondary.

Stef is attracted to the instantaneous, the consequential, the responsible and the intention of presenting. Multi-layered meanings arise in which the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality is questioned. By creating situations and unsettling the passivity of the persons encountering the artwork, he often creates from the given instant, upon which thoughts that apparently develop are manifested: notes are made real and/or doubled, while meaning is given retro-actively.

Most of the artworks are presented with the aim not to provide an idealistic view but to dare to embody a time-space where lightness-darkness and interdependent origination are important. The energy of a place and its emotional and spiritual vibrations are substantial to the artistic practice.

By instigating spaces for performativity and a real intent for social choreographic fields, Stef wants to enable the viewer’s knowledge of the coordinates of the narration of our common world. Art is to be able to be in touch with the work, as well to become interacting, loosing one's distant safe stance.

Stef's artworks are based on inspiring situations: reflecting a sensation of dogma’s and reversals, combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric, humour.

Quote: As Walter Benjamin writes: 'all efforts to render politics aesthetic culminate in one thing: war.' The becoming aesthetic of life is one aspect of this mobilization of social energies. The aestheticization of war is functional to the subjugation of everyday life to the rule of history.

naked recourse Artistic research apass 2013-2014 View Research publication View Tara interview When starting an artistic research at apass, what concerned me was the issue of law. With great ambition I titled my research Lawful Acts; with an intent to research legal texts and to create performances to provoke a precedent which could subvert anti-terror legislation. My aim was to find an antonym to terror. After reading an interview of Foucault on the technologies of the self, the focus shifted and an intent to orient my research towards eroticism and its affect on politics arose. I started playing with writing little poems and when the phrase “loves law knows no rule” appeared, most of my previous interest in law and legislation vanished. Naked Recourse, an attempt to research a reappraisal of being before attributing quality or lifestyle categorisation, became the pivotal point in the exploration of a sense of selves. In practice this resulted in making an erogenous zone in space, marked with paper tape on the floor, wherein I would interview visitors whilst having no clothes on. The conversations within this zone were open in duration, with a few phrases that the visitors could randomly choose as a point of departure. The research and practice of Naked Recourse resulted in an overflow of audio material which I attempted to transcribe, resulting in a crisis and a refusal to work with these time consuming post-production processes. Previous experiences as a video designer reminded me to my immanent desire to work within a present tense, closer to my practices as a performance artist and choreographer. After a three months pause from the research program, wherein I took time to develop the activities in our artist run space, the continuation found a more gradual development. The writing of Naked Recourse Diary allowed an insight into the cyclic processes of my aspirations and pitfalls. These writings gave a retrospective on the affects of the lunar cycles, as described in Present Shock by Douglass Rushkoff. From these writings, and other texts concerning social choreography, an apparatus was developed. With the aid of Lili Mihajlovic, we sampled these texts, resulting in single sentences. During a few workshops, the single sentences were used as a point of departure for a performative experience. The experiences were then re-interpreted by applying previously developed articles. Then the experiences were discussed amongst the participants and generated another article, or an annex. The apparatus functioning: 1. selecting a sentence 2. experience in performance 3. transformation through applying previously existing outcomes 4. verbal reflection 5. writing new outcome or adding to an existing outcome. The combination of the apparatus functioning with Naked Recourse's research content and involving participants with no prior experience to the research process, resulted in a rephrasing of the research. Intimate Contingencies became its new working title. At this stage in the research my personal relations, attachments and additive tendencies became problematic to continuing the practice by myself. This caused a turning point into how I thought about what I wanted to be and what I appeared to be doing. Radically confused and at the verge of another identity crisis I decided to let go of most possessions and decided to take more time to care for how dreams and intentions constitute a perception of reality. The months following have been that of a reappraisal of the most simple acts, lovingly reconnecting to flows of desire, allowing anxiety to exist beyond sedation, relating to humour in the importance of language, practicing tantra, doing less. The research in apass has given me - or whoever me denotes - a place for developing the mind with the body, in relation with the many changes that are inviting me to learning by myself and together with the selves which share these ongoing artistic processes. Continuing post-apass with a performance band called Lizzy Aster, realising utopia in da worlds stages, and Tara, white, green, red, yellow, blue, and ultra beyond violet delusion, off course.


TARA a.pass end presentations this weekend Friday and Saturday in Bains Connective and Sign6: Damla Ekin Tokel, Rareş Crăiuţ, Stef Meul, Hans Van Wambeke

apass end presentations at sign6 and Bains Connective, 23 and 24 January 2015

Online Alone Align

Performers: Paola Rodriguez Chaves & Stef Meul "Online, Alone, Align" 12 June 2014 apass.org/individual-practice/stef-meul/naked-milieu Description: Hypocritical Polyamory. Ultimate Sex. Oedipal Triangulation. What's the dance worth, word? Male Chauvinist Pseudo Enlightened Western Neo Buddhism. Cunnilinguism. Rabbit Fire. Magnifictitious. Snark. Multipolar Rollercoaster. Spam. Haus of Nada. Love, Text, and Back Again. Addiction.